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Low voltage film foil APP capacitors are a popular choice for use in high-end audio equipment, as they offer excellent performance characteristics such as low ESR, low dielectric absorption, and high stability over time. Our capacitors use high-quality polypropylene film as the dielectric material, which offers low dissipation factor and high insulation resistance, ensuring excellent performance over a wide range of operating conditions.

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Reference IS IS 13585 These Capacitors are suitable for Three Phase Power Factor Correction where there is
Dynamic fluctuation of load and system Voltage variation is around 20 %.
• Paper Industries
• Steel Industries
• Re-rolling Mills
• Sugar Industries
• Cement Plants
• Welding Machines
• Spinning Mills
• Textile Mills
• Arc Furnaces
• Induction Furnaces
• D.C. Drives
• Harmonic Filters etc.
Output Range 1 Kvar to 25 Kvar
Working Voltage Upto 1000 Volts AC
No. of Phases Single / Three.
Temp. Category 55 Deg. C Max.
Permitted Over Voltage 1.20 Times of rated voltage
Permitted Over Current 1.50 Times of rated current.
Losses < 0.50 w / kvar
Cooling Natural air + PXE Oil
Installation Indoor, Floor Mounting
In-rush Current 300 times of rated current.